29 September 2020


Greta is a consultant at agap2, she talks about her experience here.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Greta Andersson, I am 26 years old and originally from Linköping. I recently moved to Stockholm from Skåne, where I studied a Master of Science in biotechnical engineering at Lund University. I took my master’s in food technology, where I did my thesis work within applied microbiology. I see myself as a curious and driven person, who enjoys having a lot of things going on around me.

What does the consultant role mean to you, why did you choose it?

As a newly graduated person, the consulting role was attractive since I was curious and open to try different areas within the life science industry. Working as a consultant fits me perfectly, not only since it gives an insight as well as a broader competence in the industry, but also since I like to explore new things and meet new people, which the role entails.

How has the first period at agap2 Sweden been, what have you been up to?

Super! I have been very well welcomed by everyone at the office and I felt as a part of the team from the first day. While waiting for my first project to begin, I have been working internally, helping out with sourcing of new candidates as well as joining interviews, something that has been completely new to me and very fun! I have also been given the opportunity to give a presentation on a topic of interest as well as taking online courses in areas I think I could benefit from in the future. The first couple of weeks at the office has been very educational and I have gotten a better insight in how the company works and how relationships with customers in the life science industry are established and maintained.

How is it to work at agap2 Sweden?

Since agap2 is in startup phase and still relatively small in Sweden, you are able to make an impact. It feels good to be a part of something meaningful and to be able to contribute to the company’s growth in Sweden. What characterizes Agap2 is the team-spirit and all the driven and committed people working here. The working environment is very transparent and prestigeless, which I really appreciate!

What are three reasons to start at agap2 Sweden?

First of all, the recruitment process was very quick and transparent. They gave you feedback shortly after the point of interview and it felt clear what to expect from both parties. Furthermore, one of the employment forms offered by agap2 is a profile employment, meaning that you are employed even if a project is available not. This gives a sense of security, since you get a salary even in-between project. During those times, you can work internally at the office in Stockholm, which is both fun and educational! Lastly, a reason to choose agap2 as an employer is that they work with the whole product life cycle. Therefore, it is possible to work with everything from quality assurance to project management and product development. The opportunities are many!