3 February 2020


Mandy is consultant at agap2 Stockholm as a Laboratory Engineer. She tells us about her first period of work at agap2.

Who are you?

My name is Mandy and I grew up in Malmö which is in the south of Sweden. I started with bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology at Lund University and I really liked it so when I came back from my exchange studies in Sydney, I continued with a master’s degree in Medical Biology. After my studies I moved to Stockholm to explore new opportunities.

In my spare time, I love travelling, exploring places and different cultures as well as food.  

How was the first period at agap2?

When I first started at agap2 Stockholm, I was quickly integrated into the team and their daily routines. In the office, we are constantly working with establishing and developing the company in Sweden, like business development and recruiting new colleagues. Before my project started, I was accompanying our Business Managers at costumer meetings, and I was supporting the recruitment of new talents; sourcing and taking part in interviewing candidates. Besides, I was also working with internal projects and taking online-courses to further educate myself within the field as well as sharing my knowledges with the team in Stockholm. Around this time, agap2 was about to participate in the KTH career fair-Armada so I got to help out with the preparations as well.

During this time, I had the chance to explore the business from a different perspective, which I really enjoyed.  

what about your project?

I started my first project in Uppsala where I am part of the research and development group of a large pharmaceutical company. It is a lot of hands on laboratory work which I think is the fun part. The work environment is very dynamic, a lot of things are going on and I am surrounded by people that are experts in different areas so there is so much to learn!

why did you choose agap2?

I chose agap2 because I had a good connection during the interview with my current colleagues, and I felt very welcomed. I also think it is exciting to be a part of a start-up and be able to make an impact on the business.