23 January 2020


Sophia is a recruiter for agap2 Stockholm and has started her employment in the beginning of August 2019. We asked her what's her job :

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Sophia. I studied the Human Resources program with a major in psychology at Jönköping University for three years. During my studies I went on an exchange semester at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore which was a great experience. 

After my studies I wanted to try HR in practice and decided to move back to my hometown Stockholm to do so. I applied for the job as a recruiter for agap2 Sweden and I started my employment in the beginning of August 2019.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, to cook and explore new types of foods, travel and discover different cultures.


What are your missions as a recruiter at agap2 Stockholm?

Working as a recruiter at agap2, my daily routines include a lot of candidate contact as well as having interviews. I’m responsible for the recruitment process, from writing job ads, searching for candidates on different platforms, selecting CV’s from applicants, to having interviews with candidates.

 The job itself includes a lot of responsibility which is something that I enjoy. As we are in an expansive phase, my main mission as a recruiter is to figure out how to find these talents within Life Sciences, how to attract the talent pool and to be a part of our business development, like employer branding (career fair, social network), maintaining a nice work climate (organizing “Last” events) and such. 


With what kind of persons do you interact in your job?

Everyday I have the opportunity to connect and meet candidates within the Life Sciences sector with different profiles and competencies. We see profiles with a Life Sciences background, which includes a relevant education within the field, which could be anything from molecular biology, biomedicine, chemistry, Pharmacist Degree, medical technology and so on. We meet candidates that are about to graduate to very experiences profiles, since we want variety and diversity! 

Handling a wide professional network in regards of planning job fair events or for the agap2 team, communicating with different departments within the company, is also a part of the people that I interact with on a weekly basis.


What do you like the most in your job?

That I get the opportunity to connect and meet great candidates everyday!

I have a big international interest and imagine myself in a diverse, dynamic work environment where creativity and ideas are welcome. This was a part of what attracted me to the organization. Also, it is great to be part of a startup since I get the opportunity to try a variety of things. Your contributions really make an impact and it is interesting to see how the company is growing. Also the fact that you get the opportunity to be quite autonomous while working close to your team.


What is like working at agap2?

Working for agap2 lets you be a part of a big company while getting the opportunity to be a part of a growing corporation. It is exciting to be part of an international company with many opportunities. 

Something that I appreciate, is the trust and confidence you have from the management, in the sense that you get a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to be autonomous. 

When it comes to the working atmosphere, it’s quite familiar since we really focus on team building. Every month we have different events, which is actually one of my responsibilities to plan on a monthly basis, where all employees at agap2 Sweden see each other for an activity. Besides that, here at the office we try to keep that atmosphere by having a coffee (or “fika” as we say in Sweden), play table tennis, going out for lunch etc. 


What is like working in Stockholm?

It’s great to work here in Stockholm, not only is it my home town, but because of the dynamic of city itself. There are a lot of different people, customers and universities here and it’s quite vibrant, which is great! 


What is your philosophy of life?

To be involved in things that brings value and having fun along the way!


3 reasons to join agap2:

For me, the three biggest reasons to join agap2 are working in an international environment, growing in a Startup family, and having access to development opportunities.